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An insight to a typical tour

I lose track of the amount of times people say ‘wow it must be amazing to travel and see all these wonderful places’ Yes of course I’m very lucky and privileged to be traveling around the world, but to them, these places are dream destinations that they head to for a vacation. To me I’m heading there to work. I have a life at home in the UK with my family, friends and my recording studio, so I take the latest flight to my destination and the first flight back home. It would be impossible for me to take weekly vacations while touring, I’d never be at home nor see my family. It’s actually really rare that I take a vacation, heading to the airport to stay at a hotel and living out a suitcase feels like work to me, this is what I’ve done all my life. I love spending time at home when taking time off.


I’ve just come back from an Indian tour and made some notes as I went along, so that you can experience a typical tour schedule. (At All times… ish!)


— Friday–

5am – Wake up (My body clock makes me a night person, only had 3 hours sleep)

6am – Drive to London Heathrow Airport

8am – Check in flight

10am- Flight leaves to Mumbai – 10-hour flight


–Saturday (Indian time)–

12:15 am – Arrive Mumbai, India

01:50 am – Clear immigration, take connecting bus to domestic terminal

05:25 am – After long layover, take connecting flight to Goa

06:45 am – Arrive Goa

07:55 am – Arrive Hotel

10:00 am – After meeting up with Airwave and having breakfast eventually get to bed for much needed sleep.

5:00 pm – Get collected and taken to Supersonic Festival

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Perform at Supersonic Festival

10:30 pm – Arrive back at the hotel for dinner

11:45 pm – Arrive Sync club for after show/party

–Saturday night >Sunday–

1:30 – 2:30 am – Perform at Sync

3:30 am – Back at hotel for quick shower and pack bags

4:00 am – Head to airport

5:15 am – Check in flight

6:50 am – Flight leave Goa – Mumbai

8:00 am – Arrive Mumbai, connection flight to Guwahati delayed 3 hours. Saw Ace Ventura at the airport, had a coffee with him!

12:45 pm – Flight leaves Mumbai for Guwahati

5:30 pm – arrive Guwahati

6:35 pm – Arrive hotel

7:30 pm – Leave hotel get taken to Submerge big weekend event

8:30 pm – Arrive venue

8:45 pm – 10:30 pm play Submerge big weekend event

11:55 pm – Arrive back at hotel for much deserved sleep!

— Monday —

5:30 am – Wake up

6:30 am – Head to the airport

7:30 am – Check in flight back to Goa via Mumbai

1:05 pm – Flight was delayed 4 hours 🙁 Eventually leave for Mumbai

5:05 pm – Arrive Mumbai and missed connection to Goa. Next flight leaves at 10pm! Domestic terminal in Mumbai is not a very exciting place to spend 5 hours especially when tired.

10:00 pm – Flight leaves Mumbai to Goa

11:15 pm – Arrive Goa

–Monday night > Tuesday morning–

12: 30am – Arrive hotel, gutted as I’ve missed final day of Supersonic festival due to delayed flight.

10:00 am – Change hotels and have meetings then catch up with sleep

11:00 pm – Leave hotel for cafe del mar to play NYE set

12:00 am – Happy New Year John (!), stuck in heavy traffic celebrating New Year by myself.

–Tuesday night > Wednesday morning—

12:30 am – Arrive Cafe del mar

2:00 am – 3:00 am – Perform Cafe del mar

4:00 am – Due to heavy traffic leave straight to the airport to go home

6:40 am – Eventually arrive Goa airport, nearly missed flight!

7:10 am – Flight leaves Goa – Mumbai

8:20 am – Arrive Mumbai, connecting flight to London delayed 2 hours

3:00 pm – Flight eventually leaves for London and I’m super tired to say the least!

–UK time–

8:00 pm – Arrive back London Heathrow after 10-Hour flight and drive home

10:00pm – Arrive back home!


Hopefully you’ll now see that things aren’t so glamorous and we don’t get any time at all to see the cities we visit or be a tourist…we need sleep!

This will also explain why I’ve decided to take much of January and February off from touring as I desperately need to catch up in my studio with new singles and TV movie projects. From March onwards my tour schedule resumes normal service!



4 January 2014 Blog