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An insight to making my artist album….

I did warn you that I had 80 hours of flying time to kill from my Australian tour, hence all these blogs! I like to share my thoughts of what goes through my mind with the various projects I get involved in, you’ll then get an understanding of where I’m coming from as an artist.

I always admit that I’m a DJ first, I never hide from this fact. I spend most of my time finding music, practising mixing and programming music in order to perform my ultimate best at gigs. I have built and sustained my long healthy career off the back of my DJing and not being a producer. People that made their careers from producing big records have no choice but to try and better their previous work because that’s what people expect. From the very moment they fire up the studio, they have that frame of mind set, trying to make something bigger and better.

I’m so thankful that I don’t have this pressure in the studio, I can just make music from my heart I don’t have any rules because I have no expectations to meet or beat and wont be letting anyone down. My only pressure is making sure I’m at the top of my personal game when playing behind the decks and why I dedicate so much time to it….also hence why my solo artist album took so long to make!

I’m not a producer that’s known for big hit anthemic tracks, so don’t expect to see any in my album. I don’t play them in my DJ sets either. I don’t need to make hit records as a tool to better my career, because I already feel I’m at the top of my game and am in the happiest place in my career

. Without these added pressures (as cliché as it sounds) I can simply make music that comes from my heart. That’s exactly what I did. There’s no WOW blow me away tracks (I usually make a few of these as 00db or a singles) these are tracks to express how I’m feeling as an artist. None of the tracks are made from a business point of view to sell (with added pressure from management and labels). You’re hearing what the true John 00 Fleming is feeling, I’m an artist expressing myself through my music.


I keep emphasising this is not a marketing tool because that’s what artist albums have turned into these days. I think people have forgotten the ethos behind artist albums. These used to be platforms where artists could show their true musical love and passion, as they didn’t have the commercial pressure of making a hit single. These interesting tracks were saved for the album where they could experiment more and show the true side of the artist, and that’s exactly what I have done.

I understand for many this will be a listening album, so that’s how I tried to program it musically. It annoys me when I listen to albums that I have to keep skipping through, especially if it’s the same monotonous boom boom boom. I tired to avoid this by breaking it up with some more down tempo songs with…YIKES…vocals! I hardly play vocals in my sets and rarely use them in my own tracks so it may come as a surprise hearing them, but I feel they break the journey up nicely. I spent months hunting for original sounding none generic vocalists, so that it brings original flavours to the song. Hopefully I’ve achieved this. I also steered clear of making these Trance tracks, as I’m not personally a fan of full songs in Trance music.

We made a separate limited edition CD (available from Psyshop) that only includes the dance tracks that DJ’s would play. The CD market is slowly declining, the infrastructure around it to sell CD’s are falling apart. Virgin megastores are closing everywhere along with HMV etc, who are now becoming game stores.

People want the digital format for their electronic devices, hence why we decided to sell the full album digitally only. We felt the CD with the dance floor friendly tracks keeps the DJ’s happy.

I’m personally super happy with my album as I keep my Trance roots and pride well intact. I will always stay true to what I believe and support the specialist Trance scene. The new generation of Trance fans probably wont get it, but maybe some will as they enter a new chapter in their musical pallet.


And to each and every one of you who have sent me outstanding messages expressing how they enjoyed the album, well I can’t thank u enough!

For those who want more, ‘Tour de Trance’, ‘Rasa Lila’ and ‘Mahadeva’ these are saved for my up and coming singles….some bangers in stock 😉

Again I thank you all for your passionate and dedicated support.


22 August 2011 Blog