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Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May 2016

Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May 2016

I’m in a very fortunate position to have played at many clubs around the world and experienced the good, bad and ugly! Do I have a favourite? I have a handful, but one in particular in the UK.
Though my career initially started on the South coast, things really took off for me when I became part of the London underground scene in the 90’s and was fortunate to hold around 7 residencies across the city. One of these clubs was Camden palace, today it’s know as KOKO London. I played for multiple promoters here; SunnySide up, Mind over matter, Twisted, Frantic and Peach. This unique 19th century grade 2 listed theatre created the most amazing atmosphere with multi tiered balconies surrounding the dance floor, everyone feels as if they are front of stage. Still today the building has kept its original architecture both inside and out, with the addition of one of the best sound systems I’ve heard in a club. 

Today the venue is mostly used for bands attracting the likes of Madonna, Elton John, Coldplay, Prince, Oasis whom choose to perform here. I dearly missed playing here, so made it my quest to host JOOF Editions at this venue, that dream came true last year and was the highlight of 2015, a very emotional and proud moment. We’re repeating the very same experience in May to what’s shaping up to be another phenomenal show with Astrix, a DJ and Live set from me, Coming soon!!! and more.
This really is a one off venue to get a very magical experience.

Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May 2016

John 00 Fleming
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Steve Arnold

Room 2: Dancelove Hub
DJ Jon Cockle
Neill Moore & DJ Sachin
Lauren Lyon – DJ/Producer
Pete Untitled


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