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September Global Trance Grooves.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud.
I’m very proud of this months show for multiple reasons, you’ll hear this with my opening words. Also showcasing the new collaborating I made with Solarstone​ and along with having Tim Penner​ on the guest mix. An amazing 2 hours of music. A treat.

New music from:
The Stupid Experts​, Alan Ibanez​, Solarstone & John 00 Fleming​,
Third Party​ & Pete K​ & Cory Lasser​, Eeemus​ Visua​.

Clinique Recordings​, Pure Trance​, Digital Structures​

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August Global Trance Grooves

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud.
Full power returns to this months Global Trance Grooves, Turbo mix is banging with hints of Goa melodies, along with heads down Deep mix. Visua takes control of the guest mix keeping the throttle at full power.
New music from:
Max Graham, Tim Penner, LSG ,
Rise And Fall Official ZIGER
Royal Wolf, Roby M, Visua, Ksen, Ovnimoon Chile, Moon Tripper, Tim Bourne.
Bonzai Music, Cycles. Outta Limits, Ushuaia Music, Ovnimoon Records
#joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance

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Tomorrowland 2017

Proud to play on one of the most impressive stages at Tomorrowland festival, felt like I was on the set of Game of thrones #dragon #trance #bonzai 

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July’s Global Trance Grooves with Airwave.

After the last couple of shows we may have to rename things Global Tech Grooves! A nod back to history repeating itself Trance being born off the back of Techno, Trance being Techno’s psychedelic melodic cousin. There’s plenty of those melodic moments, and Airwave​ takes to the turntables to create a gorgeous Trancy guest mix.

New music from:
Rick Pier O Neil Aka RPO​, Manu Riga​, Mandy Jones​, Feri​, DJ James Monro​, Spektre​, Luca Gaeta​, Lane 8​ & Kidnap kid​,
Luttrell​, Aquya​, Ico/ You Are My Salvation​, Union Jack​, Jonno Brien​ , Mark EG​, Nico Kohler​, kreisel​,
Drzneday​, Clint Stewart​, Steve Birch – Merlins Apprentice​.

Bonzai Music​, Platipus Records​, Massive Harmony Records​, Tronic Music​, Anjunadeep​, Forescape Digital​, Platipus Records, Ying Yang, Terminal M Records​.

#joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance

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This months Global Trance Grooves brings you Sean Tyas.

We have another month gifted with outstanding music along with some exclusive new releases. The deep mix is very special complete with an exclusive airing of Airwave’s new single, driving Turbo mix and a classic thrown in as the track of the month.
Sean Tyas takes care of guest mix duties.



New music from:
blaktone, One Million Toys, Tim Penner, Jeremy Rowlett (Official), Airwave, ARTBAT, Façade – Joof Recordings, Tripy, Simon Motnikar, The Digital Blonde,
Phenomena, Outsiders.

Tracklist below:

–Deep mix—
Blaktone – Wilky May (One Million Toys Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
Tim Penner – Goodbye (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Slideways]
Airwave- The Unfinished [Bonzai]
Artbat – Wall (Original Mix) [Suara]

–New Mp3–
Facade – October [JOOF]

Turbo mix
Tripy- Nuclear Device [JOOF mantra]
Simon Motnikar & The Digital Blonde – Subversive World [JOOF]
Phenomena -Open Your Eyes [Dacru records]
Outsiders – Our Moment Has Arrived (Altruism RMX) [Sacred Technology]

–Track of the month–
Protoculture – Binary Finary cover.

–Guest mix:—
Sean Tyas (Switzerland)


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This month’s Global Trance Grooves has Alexey Sonar from Russia on Guest mix duties.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud.
This month I’m fully in my comfort zone of deep, lush musical Progressive Trance, as you’ll hear some awesome music around at the moment. Fasten your seat belts for a full on Turbo mix that includes a new single from Electric universe. One of the best DJ’s I’ve every had the pleasure to play alongside, Russia’s Alexey Sonar takes control of the guest mix.

New music from:
Alex Morellili, Jamie Baggotts, Eeemus, Jeremy Rowlett (Official), Gai Barone, Mindwave, E-Clip,
Xerox & Illumination, Outsiders, Electric Universe, Tim Bourne..


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‘What will you play tonight’?

As I step up to the DJ booth I feel that exact same feeling I did over 30 years ago when I played my first gig, a sense of excitement that I’m going to share with many people the music that I have spent days hunting for in music shops along with the countless hours of late nights preparing, mixing, organising my playlist and making notes. This is the moment my whole week has been building to, it’s going to happen now and that kid inside me is bursting to be unleashed because the rewards of seeing hundreds of smiling faces, tears and euphoria (that I’m in control off) is an experience I can’t put in words.

It’s a daunting task, the pressure is on me to ensure that you have a great evening, because I know you have also invested your precious time and money into this evening, buying tickets, clothes, hotels, travel, and as my past has taught me, every single day is a precious gift and it’s in my hands to ensure that all of you take away a magical experience.

I don’t feel nervous. Once I step into the club I instantly go into DJ mode, that DJ instinct kicks in and I start to get a sense of the energy in the room. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, it’s something I’ve acquired over the years, I can read a whole room knowing where and when to make an energy shift and how to keep a musical journey interesting. I can’t predict how the DJ before me will be playing and at what energy level they will leave things for me, so when people ask me that question ‘what will you play tonight’ its something that I don’t know until I step in the DJ booth.

None of my sets are pre planned, I simply play to you. The most important thing for me is being organised. My playlists are my musical tool kits, it’s imperative that these are well organised and that I know every single moment of these tracks and where to find the energy vibe of the next track I need, because one wrong track played at the wrong time can kill the flow of a set. That one wrong track could take a DJ a good 15/20 minutes to regain the flow, and time is always against us. It’s these moments of pressure that give me that adrenalin rush, 3 minutes remaining on the track playing and I still haven’t decided which track to play next, I’m still feeding from the energy of the dance floor. Live edits, mixes, wrong track selection, can’t find a certain track, wrong key etc could all go wrong. All this mayhem going on in the DJ booth is the fuel I thrive for, it’s my version of skydiving, but thankfully the worst-case scenario isn’t so dramatic. I will never understand DJs that prepare sets, or play the same sets over and over again, because it takes away that risk, that danger, that thrill seeking and being able to test new music along with not being able to read and adapt to the crowd in front of you and what has kept me in love with my job for this long. You are the reason I do this.

So there’s an answer to them most common question I get asked before a gig.



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