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Denver. New York. Toronto. Atlanta.

Denver. New York. Toronto. Atlanta.

I’ve got some really exciting gigs coming up in North America over the next couple of weeks.

– April 21st: Beta, Denver – USA. (Fleming & Lawrence) 
Hot of the back of playing to a 7000 strong sold out crowd in Argentina, we’re on a mission and can’t wait to team up once again with my mate Christopher Lawrence for this Open-to-Close set. We haven’t been to Denver for a little while and will bring one hell of a party!

-April 23rd: Pure Trance, New York – USA
This is going to be seriously huge. Going back to the roots of underground clubbing; a dark warehouse, big sound system along with a room full of people and DJ’s that are passionate and care about Trance. Pure Trance.

-May 6th: Toika, Toronto – Canada – Open -to-close set!
I had to play here again! Every single time I’ve played my open-to-close sets here the club has sold out. We’re united as one at one of my favourite clubs in the world; small, dark, intimate and lovely people. Please make sure you get your tickets early for this one.

-May 7th: Unity Atlanta – USA – Open-to-close set!
Ohhhh Atlanta we go back many, many years and had many fun parties together, however I’ve never played an Open-to-close set here and the anticipation is eating me up. This is one show that I’m really looking forward too.

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