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John said on Twitter that Basil O'Glue is the guest this month

 ;D ;D ;D

Thanks, title edited. :)
General Discussion ... / Re: John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 177
« Last post by jambo on Today at 11:56:40 am »
John said on Twitter that Basil O'Glue is the guest this month

 ;D ;D ;D
J00F fans, GTG 177 is coming to us shortly in under 10 hours! Let's get ready!! ;D
Mixes & Tracks ... / Mozza DJ Set at Caurnica - Tribodelic Party (2017)
« Last post by Mozza on December 09, 2017, 10:44:43 am »
Mozza DJ set at Tribodelic (Sumadija Fest Promo) Party, Kragujevac, Serbia (26/08/2017)


Imaginarium, Earthspace - Glitches Of Perception (Digital Om Productions)
Tristan, Outsiders - Liquid Sky (Sacred Technology)
Faders - Molecular Formulas (TechSafari Records)
Earthspace - No Rest For The Blast (Nano Records)
Reversed Logic - Leave Your Logic (Digital Om Productions)
Djantrix, Modual - Back To The Rituals (Own Spirit Records)
Magik - Bitting Point (Sacred Technology)
Killerwatts - Hooked (Nano Records)
Djantrix, Rezonant - Lemuria (Digital Om Productions)
Ajja, Nirdal - Happy Daze (Sangoma Records)
Earthspace - As Within So Without (Nano Records)
Dickster - Elastic Dreams (Nano Records)
Tristan, Aardvarkk - Daws Of Perception Imagine Mars & Volcano Remix (Nano Records)
KoxBox - Color Rain Dickster Remix (Zero1 Music)
Middle Mode - Extension (Antu Records)
Imaginarium - Speed Of Light (Transcape Records)
Circuit Breakers - Commies Avalon & Laughing Buddha Remix (Nano Records)
Tristan, Mandala - Mimosa Dosa Tristan Remix (Future Music Records)
Galactic Explorers - Lysergic (Galactic Records)



General Discussion ... / Re: JOOf Editions Australian tour 2017
« Last post by Banky on December 08, 2017, 05:22:24 am »

Just waiting for him to announce a show at the new HQ in Adelaide!

I was there!! it was so amazing!   ;D
Here's the live recording of my set from Equinox in Leicester recently where I warmed up for Neptune Project who were playing a 6 hour set.

1- The Stupid Experts - Full Moon Rising
2- Stan Kolev - Circulation
3- Tone Depth & Ampish - Corinth
4- Matan Caspi - Shiny Coral Reefs (Alex Vidal Remix)
5- Zed White - Crazy Diamonds
6- Antidote - What Time Is Love (Stan Kolev Remix)
7- Jonny Burg & Ian Dillon - Uniter (Steve Arnold Remix)
8. DJ Nukem & Chab - Shiva (Guy J Remix)
9- Relaunch - Density
10- Rick Pier O'Neil - Throaty
11- Forerunners - Prism (Foundation Mix)


01. Monojoke - Arterials (Original Mix)
02. Monojoke - Arterials (Greenage Remix)
03. Monojoke - Backwards (Original Mix)
04. Monojoke - Backwards (Matias Chilano Remix)

Label: Juicebox Music
Catalog: JBM022
Release Date: November 20th, 2017

Jacek Gumbisz, better known as the Polish producer - Monojoke, first made his appearance on Juicebox Music through his phenomenal remix of Subandrio’s ‘Sigiriya’ in early 2016 and now makes his return to the label with his very own 2-track EP titled 'Arterials'. Monojoke’s melodic yet percussive & groove driven productions have found themselves on imprints like JOOF Aura, Soundteller, Balkan Connection & ICONYC to name a few, while his fairly new collaborative project ‘Fluente’, together with Tuxedo, saw releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s “Sudbeat Music” as well as Hot Since 82’s “Knee Deep In Sound”. With a track record like that, it’s fairly acceptable to consider Monojoke’s music to be highly sought after amongst DJs & fellow producers alike. With his EP on Juicebox, he stays true to himself keeping the label ethos in mind, delivering 2 heavy hitters. The title track 'Arterials', features a delayed blippy element that rhythmically evolves as it progresses under the driving groove, while a impactful melody shines through in the breakdown, creating an anthemic moment. The accompanying track 'Backwards' kicks off with Monojoke's signature-crafted groove, with some moody elements peeking through as we head towards a darker territory when it's sinister melody takes over.

To remix ‘Arterials’, we’re happy to introduce the much awaited debut appearance on Juicebox Music, India's very own - Greenage. Hailing from the gorgeous beaches of Goa, Greenage Fernandes dived into the electronic music culture after being exposed to the early sounds of trance coming from his city. As the years went by, he became inspired to work on his own music after seeing countless artists perform their music. Fast forward a few years and after his recent break-through EPs on Stellar Fountain & Astrowave, he's quickly become one of the most in-demand progressive house producers. Greenage’s rendition of ‘Arterials’ goes straight for the jugular. Focusing on the infectious groove, while scattered melodic bits and an evolving riff, that was modified from the original, revolves around it.

Stepping up to the plate to remix ‘Backwards’, and to close this release, is Argentina’s Matias Chilano, who’s making his debut on Juicebox Music as well. Having learnt the drums & piano at such a young age of just 7 years old, Matias’ was destined to be involved with music and soon took a keen interest in electronic sounds as he grew up. His countless remixes and stand-out originals under his belt has earned him appearances on labels like Sound Avenue, Lowbit, One of A Kind & many more, making Matias Chilano a house-hold name amongst every progressive house aficionados. His remix of Monojoke’s ‘Backwards’ takes on a more exquisite & restrained approach with smoother tones, stripped back drums, hypnotic atmospheric shots & traces of the original melody in parts while Matias adds an extra melodic arp to give some more character to finish things off in a classy way.
DJ Support:
Supported by: Andrea Cassino, Barry Jamieson, BOg, Cid Inc, Danny Tenaglia DJ, Darin Epsilon, Dmitry Molosh, Eelke Kleijn, Eran Aviner, Fernando Ferreyra, Gai Barone, GMJ Music, Hernan Cattaneo, Jamie Stevens, John 00 Fleming, Marc DePulse, Marc Poppcke, Marcelo Vasami, Matter, Microtrauma, Mike Griego, Nick Muir, Robert Babicz, Simply City, Sonic Union, Subandrio, vinayak^a & more

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Joof Recordings ... / Alex Morelli - Sleepy Nation
« Last post by Glen JOOF on December 04, 2017, 06:26:49 pm »
Rosario, Argentina based producer Alex Morelli marks his JOOF Aura debut with the tantalising progressive grooves of this two tracker entitled Sleepy Nation/Covenant, which comes backed up with three solid remixes offering something for all kinds of sets. In the last few years Alex has enjoyed a plethora of releases across several quality labels. His sound has been picked up by many jocks with a growing support base coming with every release. We’re delighted to have him on board here at JOOF Aura and we know you’re going to enjoy this solid pack.

The Original Mix of Sleepy Nation gets us moving with a distinct atmospheric progressive vibe. Tight beats and lush basses drive the groove beautifully while cosmic synths deliver subtle melodic sequences. An array of quality FX beef up the sound providing the perfect fodder for a late night foray into the progressive underworld.

Covenant intros with a superb, almost haunting sequence made up of awesome FX and a pounding kick drum. The track gains its identity early on as we settle in for a raucous trip into the progressive tech world. Beautifully arranged drums dish out a steady flowing rhythm as dark, droning basses lurk on the low end. Wonderful tribal elements are matched against a cinematic background filled with intensity that will definitely do some damage on the floors.

Russian DJ and producer Kirill Smirnov aka Enlusion joins the JOOF Aura remix roster with a superb effort on Sleepy Nation. This young artist is making his mark on the progressive scene with some gusto, in just a very short space in time he has notched up quite an impressive back catalogue with releases on labels such as Green Martian, Bonzai Progressive, Unique Sound, Abstract Space, OLD SQL Recordings and Mystic Carousel. In January 2016 he announced a new record label called Forescape Digital which intends to focus on the progressive, trance and techno genres. On the remix here we’re treated to a breathtaking journey deep into the progressive abyss as chunky beats line up alongside a beautifully lush, moving bassline. A rich, cascading arpeggio draws us in while expertly crafted pads and FX build the atmosphere. Expect to be blown away with this one, top notch.

Monojoke returns to JA with this fantastic remix of Sleepy Nation which comes after we last saw him here with Hollow Child back in October 2016. Prior to this he showed up on our flagship label JOOF Recordings back in 2015 with Fallen Culture alongside studio partner Tuxedo. A major force on the scene, he’s been churning out quality vibes since 2007 and he won’t be letting up anytime soon. Here the remix from Monojoke takes on a hybrid techno progressive flavour thanks to a dizzying display of drum arrangement. We’re drawn to the intricate patterns of the kicks and shuffling array of hi hats that make up a tight rhythmic flow. Deep basses fade in and mesmerise the senses as the drums intensify alongside melancholic synths and that teasing techno trait. A must have for any set that will not disappoint.

Ivan Shpakovskiy aka Ivanshee is back at JOOF Aura with a sublime remix of Sleepy Nation which we’ve no doubt will rock the floors. His last outing here – Orbital Throb – gained great support across  the board, and this is a testament to the skills this guy possess. A very much respected artist on the circuit, his discography is epic and it’s always exciting when he drops in new material. Here, Ivan lets loose with a wonderfully deep and rich progressive slice. Chunky kick drums lead the way as a dominating bassline trusses up the groove beautifully. Hypnotic synths provide subtle melodies that captivate while delicious pads fill out the background. A must have no doubt.

General Discussion ... / Re: JOOf Editions Australian tour 2017
« Last post by jambo on November 30, 2017, 01:57:51 am »

Just waiting for him to announce a show at the new HQ in Adelaide!
Update: I'm going!! :D woohoo!!
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