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I just about recovering from Friday night! What a night! JOOF was rocking it! No idea on tuneage but I was there from beginning to end, and barely left the box! Tune after tune was being played and there was so much energy from JOOF and the crowd! What one of best nights clubbing!
Joof Recordings ... / EEEMUS - Majestic
« Last post by Glen JOOF on February 19, 2018, 04:15:56 pm »
Melbourne based Shane Johnston aka Eeemus delights once again with another sublime cut entitled Majestic which comes backed up with a fantastic remix from The Digital Blonde. Influenced by a broad range of musical styles and bands, Eeemus loves to fuse genres to come up with a unique sound that piques the interest of the listener. Over the years he has turned his production skills to many styles of music with each one offering something different than the norm. With a few releases already on JOOF Recordings we're delighted to have him back for more.

Majestic 2.1 intros with a surreal pad and haunting voice combi as a muted kick comes through. Subtle basses lurk on the lower end as an intensity grows right before the kick drum is unleashed and the bassline is let loose. Hypnotic arpeggios captivate as the track drops into a full on psy fuelled groove made up of distinct seductive basses and tight drums as the melodies cut through the darker elements. A solid, dominating trance sound that will be a welcome addition in any late night set.

The Digital Blonde aka Ricky Smith delivers another solid remix to add to his ever burgeoning catalogue that spans almost 30 years. A powerhouse on the psy trance and trance scene for many years, we've seen and heard some magical moments from this much respected artist. Right from the start of our JOOF journey Ricky has been a constant force with his first release for us coming in 2001 with Legato/Sutra, since then it's been a rollercoaster. With a plethora of releases including three studio albums we know it's going to be a special moment when his latest cut drops into the inbox. Always a pleasure to have him on board and long may it continue.

The remix here opens with a wonderful cinematic feel made up of deep droning pads teasing melodies before we're thrust into full on mode. Huge punchy kick drums and rhythmic percussions sit alongside an energetic bassline that will get feet to the floors for sure. The track boasts an array of expert FX that deliver a rich, textured flavour that eases into the groove beautifully. Big synths are held back just enough to tease the senses and build anticipation before being given free rein to do their work on the mind. A simply superb effort once again from the master of psy trance, not to be missed.

Has anyone survived to provide us with a report?  :D
Tuneage @ 3 am
Hi All

To all the forum head I will be mashed out somewhere in a
bright green hoody come and say hi
Its been far too long since I came on here to see who is going out and hoping everyone is gonna be able to share those joof Editions experiences with me cause they are always special !☺  its long over due I'm looking forward to seeing you all and the passionate musical journey that awaits us all☺haha.. lets have it !!
Well I arrived in London today from Sydney!! I'm ready!! :D awwww yeah!
Good question!
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