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Get a real Job

25 years on I still get the same smug comments from the regular corporate World indicating that I should get a real job when I tell them what I do for a living. ‘Oh a DJ’, then the conversation goes cold. I calmly explain that I do work 9-5. 9pm until 5am and usually leave them hanging with that thought.

The city world seem to be the worse culprits, my job is completely alien to them. In my early days I had many a heated debate with various bank managers upon trying to get a mortgage. The occupation ‘DJ’ is not listed on their list of careers. After all we only play the odd wedding or birthday party, the rest of the time we sleep? I was told many times to come back when I was in full time employment.

Still today car insurance companies rob me in broad daylight.

For some reason DJ’s must be the hells angels of the road causing much carnage and whiplash claims. Listening to holding music on the phone has become the norm, as operators try and figure out what to input.

I become an instant drug dealer going through imagination at airports, aha yes that old chestnut of a stereo typical DJ. This one also follows me to hotels when many will make a point of asking you to keep quiet in the evening. I’ve had a few nervous neighbours when moving house. Estate agents were also keen to hide this fact when they were selling a house next door. Oh yes of course every DJ has wild all night parties every night of the week.

I’m the bum guy who turns up for flights wearing jeans and trainers. How dare I sit at the front of the plane amongst these business users who then proceed to power talk to me. My input into a group conversation seems worthless and gets blatantly blanked. After all I’m just a DJ, what do I know? The satisfaction is all mine as we all head into the airport business car park as I step into my car.

I suppose that’s the moment when I become a drug dealer again!

We all get lost in our world of clubbing, for me it’s often a welcome break when I step away from it back to my life as ‘just a DJ’. It’s my own little 9-5.



28 November 2012 Blog