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I’m a private guy, but time to embrace the web!!

Sorry my Blog is running late, I’ve been sidetracked working on the next 00.db album. We have treated this project very professionally, with myself taking many weeks off from touring to concentrate on writing, in the same way bands do. After all we actually write, create all the sounds, and engineer the music ourselves without any help from ghostwriters or engineers. It would be impossible to put the time if I was on the road touring. We enjoy making our own sounds and experimenting, to me that’s the only way to move forward musically. We treated this in the same way bands do, by taking time off to produce. I have to say the results are outstanding, 00.db has really grown up and you will be treated to a double CD of fresh sounding music. As a treat, we’ll be showcasing this album in the form of a Live set at out JOOF Editions night in Brighton (UK) on July 16th, a few weeks before the release date.

The album work also explains the radio silence on my Twitter page. To be honest, I’m a private guy and don’t really feel it’s necessary to tell everyone I’ve just eaten a burger then headed to the toilet! But on the other hand, people are interested in what’s going on in JOOF world, so I feel I should keep you informed. So I’m making a come back to Twitter (@john00fleming). Yes it will be me, not someone from the office. But I will be honest office helpers will be posted some interesting stuff regarding releases etc, but I’ll keep it personal. This brings me on to the rest of the Social networking sites. I’ve been neglecting them. I’m not scared of technology, as I’m a self-confessed gadget freak, I’m probably more scared of opening up. I’m uncomfortable with it. I’m not in this career to be famous or a pop star, I just want to be respected for what I offer musically. These social networking tools can help me do this. We’re having a huge shake up on my Facebook pages, we have people in the wrong places. We want to offer you up to date information regarding everything JOOF related, as it stands we have four Facebook pages that all have to be updated, this takes too much time. So we pointing everyone to my fan page, this way you’ll benefit from the news instantly. So don’t get offended that I’m deleting you from my personal page, we’re asking you join the fan page. Also my Youtube channel ( will be come a plethora of information. We’ll be putting snippets of all forthcoming John 00 and JOOF releases up there along with a teaser of the new 00.db album. Ohh and not forgetting some videos that I’ve taken while on tour, so make sure you visit.

So that’s me done for now, these blogs will be a little more frequent with what ever is on my mind! See you on Twitter!



29 April 2010 Blog