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John 00 Fleming talks about his new JOOF ventures, his sound and more in EDM Nations exclusive interview

John 00 Fleming talks about his new JOOF ventures, his sound and more in EDM Nations exclusive interview

John 00 Fleming has been in this business for over 20 years and ever since he came in the public eye, he has continued to amaze crowds all over the world with his outstanding projects and releases, having gathered support in his early days from the likes of Avalon, Dave Clarke, Sister Bliss and many more amazing artists. But that has not come as a surprise to us, because when you have talent, creativity and you are an original artist, those things are bound to happen. Now, this great producer announces details of an organizational remap for his acclaimed 18-years-&-running label group, “JOOF Recordings”. If you want to find out a lot more details about his new imprint ventures, then make sure to have a look at our exclusive interview below! Enjoy!

1) Hello, John. How are you today and where does EDM Nations find you?

I’m very well thanks, I’m currently at 35,000 feet heading home after an amazing show in San Francisco with Insomniacs Dreamstate.

2) First of all, for those that have yet to hear it, can you describe your own style of music?

That’s always a difficult one for me to describe, I love Trance music but not the form that the next generation have been exposed too over the past decade. My style is more aimed at the specialist dance floors and has a deeper vibe, yet being very emotional and full of soul.

3) What can you tell us about your new imprint ventures JOOF Mantra and JOOF AURA?

We’ve always dipped our toes into the Psy Trance world, after all JOOF was born as a sister label to a Goa Trance record label Transient records 18 years ago. The Psy Trance worlds and Trance worlds are very different and why we found it difficult trying to balance both on one label. We felt it was the perfect time to create a dedicated Psy imprint due to the demand we were getting from fans. It’s almost the same story with JOOF AURA, this time focusing on the deeper more progressive/Tech side of things. Trance has become a dirty word to this world, so by giving a dedicated label for this sound is allowing us more musical freedom to please this world.

4) How will they fit in around your JOOF Recordings imprint?

By taking the pressure off main JOOF this allows us to continue focusing on releasing high quality Trance music, a foundation that we have built JOOF’s great reputation on. Instead of becoming what we felt like a factory of releases coming out every week, we can allow each release to breathe and this gets fans excited for each release due to those waiting periods.

5) What do you think has been the key to JOOF Recordings enduring success?

I think it’s due to our strict quality control. In today’s digital world you can put a release for sale with very little costs involved and I see many not caring about mastering nor artist relations, they just take any track sent and release it. Back in the physical release days, it would cost a good £5000 to press a track, so we had to ensure each and every track was at the best standard possible in order for it to sell otherwise we would go bankrupt with excess stock not selling. We still take that same approach today and have a strict policy of working with the artist to get the track sounding perfect, then use the best mastering studios. Every stage of the release process we work with the artist to ensure we get the very best music from them, my team jest ‘if John wont play it out in a club, then it hasn’t passed the test’!

6) What has been the most rewarding thing about making music in your career to date?

For me it allows me to express myself as a musician and almost becomes a therapy session. Some artists make music for commercial success and to sell as many units as possible, for me each track reflects where I am in my life. Naturally we all go through ups and downs and I can release those feelings in the studio.

7) In your opinion, which one of your tracks has had the greatest single impact on your career?

I’ll always say that I’m a DJ first and my career has been built off the back of my DJing rather than production, mix compilations such as Reactivate, Euphoria White label, BBC Radio 1 Essential mix played a big part in my career.

8) What, in your words, do you feel distinguishes you from other DJs and producers?

I keep my head down and do my own thing musically and never fall foul to musical fads that come and go. I stay dedicated to the sounds that I believe in. People have even tagged me with my own ‘JOOF’ sound.

9) You’ve been in this industry for a fair while now. What do you think an artist should do to keep evolving?

Its always good to keep moving forward, and believe embracing technology is a good starting point. When you look back in time you can hear tracks from certain decade have a specific sound due to the technology that was available and affordable. A decent studio set up in the 90’s would cost well over £20,000, today you can have the same thing in the form of software for £1000.

10) If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently in your career?

I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, I’m in a very happy place.

11) Can you tell us a little about what your fans should be expecting from you in 2016?

The obvious push is everything JOOF related and focusing on all three flavors of JOOF recordings: JOOF, JOOF AURA and JOOF Mantra. For myself, I’m splitting myself in two and creating an alias to focus on Psy productions thus allowing John 00 to explore the Deep progressive side of Trance that I dearly love. We’ll also be doing more JOOF editions events that will include some Open-to-Close sets.

12) Is there something else you’d like to share with our readers?

The main thing to thank everyone for their wonderful support and love for JOOF recordings over the past 18 years, without this we wouldn’t have the growth that we are seeing today.

13) Thank you for answering our questions for EDM Nations 🙂


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