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Global Trance Grooves May 2018

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud. Yet another very special edition of Global Trance Grooves, blessed again with another month of high quality music as we look to the musical future exposing the modern Progressive Trance sound. A very special track of the month along with welcoming to the guest mix one of our current musical heroes, Grum. New Music From: Parallel universe, Airwave, Rick Pier O Neil Aka RPO, Kamilo Sanclemente, Dezza, Organic function , Slam Duck, Leo Lippolis, Ottavo Re Labels: Spring Tube label, Bonzai Music, FlemcyMusic, JOOF Recordings, Zerothree Music , Black Kat, Alatu recordings .   #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground#GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance #progressive

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Global Trance Grooves April 2018

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud. We resume normal service this month as we continue to look into the musical future. Glorious Deep mix, very special new MP3. Turbo mix is full power with some Psychedelic magic. We have royalty on the Guest mix from John Graham aka Quivver (John Graham).   --Deep mix— Basil O'Glue - Nekyia Black 8 & Arrab - Sandwaves Slam Duck - Mercury II ID - ID --New Mp3-- Gary Delaney - Little Groovy Plucks Turbo mix F-Act - Hymn Allaby - Hiding To Nothing Lyktum - Symmetry Visua - Psilocybin --Track of the month-- Will Atkinson -Didgeridoo New Music From: Basil O'Glue, Black 8, Arrab, Slam Duck, Gary Delaney, F-Act, Allaby, Lyktum Visua - Psilocybin, Will Atkinson Labels: Forescape Digital, The Soundgarden, Pure Progressive , JOOF Recordings, NANO RECORDS, Iono-Music, Kupuri Music, VII #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves#deeptrance #progressive   joofjohn00flemingquivvergtgglobaltrancegroovestrancetechnoprogressiveprogressivetrance

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JOOF Editions Volume 4 Mixed By John 00 Fleming

To truly push the envelope, logic dictates you must first bin its respective rulebook. In conceiving his JOOF Editions series, that's what John 00 Fleming did with mix comp's rubric. He imagined a higher, more reflective calling for the medium, taking it beyond that of mere DJs' 'calling card'. A means to an end, 'Editions' convention-busting 4-hour + runtimes provide a 1-for-1, real-time mirroring of the XL 00 Fleming experience. That though is now four-year-old history. In the intervening years, 'JOOF Editions' have become John's established 'norm' the only way he does compilation business. On cue, this March sees him deliver its fourth voluminous volume. Heightened mix comp orders naturally call for ever more exacting measures, and 'in JOOF Editions 4's assembly, John has once again been unwavering in the collative pursuit. In the quest for its audio, no studio stone has gone unturned - a trek that has taken him to the doors of producers ranged from the legendary to the neophyte. Over 276 minutes you'll find material from a virtual Who's Who of prog-trance's best known and capable. Max Graham, L.S.G., Quivver, Union Jack, Airwave, Orkidea, The Digital Blonde, Moshic you name 'em, they're represented. Equally there's audio...

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Global Trance Grooves January  2018

This month I give a mini history lesson about Trance, and how history is repeating itself with the rebirth of the more specialist Trance scene. With the biggest smile on my face, I see all these musical signs that something special is coming around the corner. Celebrating these moments with me this month, I asked Aly & Fila to showcase the more deeper side of them on the guest mix, something they do a lot when playing OTC sets, they kindly made this exclusive mix for us at Global Trance Grooves.  New music from: MathOv, Golan Zocher, Kamilo Sanclemente, John Graham aka Quivver, Sodality pres. SDLT - Talisman, Jackob Rocksonn, Cristoph, Optimuss, Tom Hades, Irregular Synth, Stigmata, Roby M Rage, Basil O'Glue. labels: Perspectives Digital, Tronic Music, OHM Music, pryda presents, SYNC FX AUDIO, JOOF Recordings, Dirty Minds, #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground#GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance #progressive

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Global Trance Grooves for December.

The scene is currently blessed with some outstanding melodic Progressive and I’m showcasing some of the best thats currently sitting in my Rekordbox in both the Deep mix and the Turbo mix. Keeping within this theme one of the kings of Progressive Trance Basil O'Glue from Greece takes over the turntables on the guest mix.   New music from: Alex Morelli - JOOF Recordingsi, Lio Q, Rick Pier O Neil Aka RPO, Kalden Bess, Dezza, MathOv, Ettica music, Pryda, Eric Prydz, Allaby , Visua   labels: Rpo Records, Rpo Records, JOOF Recordings, Ground Factory Records, Zerothree Music, Pryda Recordings , NANO RECORDS, TesseracTstudio   #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance

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Novembers Global Trance Grooves with Fellow Brit Ben Coda.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud. Phenomenal show musically this month, Deep mix is beautiful and lush laiden with melodies, Deep mix has an enormous sting in the tail. Fellow Brit Ben Coda takes over on the turntables for the guest mix. New music from: Basil O'Glue, George Doga, Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Paul Thomas, Niceshot & Armando Guerrero, Vitaly Shturm, Human Element, Eeemus, Steve Birch - Merlins Apprentice. labels: Saturate Audio, 3XA Music, FSOE Recordings, Iboga Records, Geomagnetic.   joofjohn00flemingtranceProgressive TranceProgressive HouseTechnodeeptrancebencoda

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October’s Global Trance Grooves with Eeemus.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud. Very special show this month, The Deep mix embraces all the emotional reasons why I fell in love with the birth of Trance in the 90’s, being propelled into the future with futuristic sounds. Blessed with some awesome music that supplied the Turbo mix, and I’m extremely proud to have Eeemus​ from Australia on the guest mix. You’ll also get a preview of my new single. New music from: Dmitry Molosh​, Framewerk​, Fausto Fanizza​ , Thomas Schwartz​, Pyramid​, Jay Hubbard​, Jeremy Rowlett (Official)​, Gordey Tsukanov​, The Digital Blonde​, Airwave​. labels: Afterglow records , Armada Electronic Elements​, Digital Structures​, JOOF Recordings​, Bonzai Music​ , Lowering The Tone​, Abstract Space Records​. #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance

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September Global Trance Grooves.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud. I’m very proud of this months show for multiple reasons, you’ll hear this with my opening words. Also showcasing the new collaborating I made with Solarstone​ and along with having Tim Penner​ on the guest mix. An amazing 2 hours of music. A treat. New music from: The Stupid Experts​, Alan Ibanez​, Solarstone & John 00 Fleming​, Third Party​ & Pete K​ & Cory Lasser​, Eeemus​ Visua​. labels: Clinique Recordings​, Pure Trance​, Digital Structures​ #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance

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August Global Trance Grooves

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud. Full power returns to this months Global Trance Grooves, Turbo mix is banging with hints of Goa melodies, along with heads down Deep mix. Visua takes control of the guest mix keeping the throttle at full power.   New music from: Max Graham, Tim Penner, LSG , Rise And Fall Official ZIGER Royal Wolf, Roby M, Visua, Ksen, Ovnimoon Chile, Moon Tripper, Tim Bourne.   labels: Bonzai Music, Cycles. Outta Limits, Ushuaia Music, Ovnimoon Records   #joofeditions #john00fleming #joof #underground #GlobalTrancegrooves #deeptrance

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Tomorrowland 2017

Proud to play on one of the most impressive stages at Tomorrowland festival, felt like I was on the set of Game of thrones #dragon #trance #bonzai 

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  1. Noisily Festival of Music & Arts 2018

    5 July @ 12:00 PM - 8 July @ 3:00 PM UTC+1