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9 Till 5?

I sometimes wish that my working hours where 9-5, then I know exactly when all my work will be finished and when my personal time begins. I don’t have any rules to my working day, or for how long I’ll be working for, I simply carry on until the job is done and that sometimes leads to a 12 hour day! There is a misconception that DJ’s only work two days a week, then spend the rest of the week sleeping until the following weekend arrives. Maybe for a select few who don’t really care about their careers but most DJ’s I know are non -stop like myself. The problem with working weekends and travelling half way around the world to get to work, I end up working 7 days a week. I usually get back home on Mondays, leaving me 3 full days to cram in a full working week until the cycle begins again the following weekend. I try and treat my Mondays like a Sunday, so I can be a little more relaxed. That theory usually goes out the window once the phone rings or an email leads to a task to be done.

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Buying software/hardware….know your stuff!

We’re quite a few years into the digital age, but along with it comes its fair share of problems. We’ve all been in situations where we are driven crazy by our computers and can’t get things to work??! Things have got much easier as software and operating systems are simplified. In most cases when you download or buy software it pretty much installs itself with the simple on screen instructions. But all doesn’t always go smoothly…. Perhaps the new software won’t see certain drivers, audio interfaces, midi or even crashes! It gets very frustrating when you just can’t get the software to work or even start up. It can also get very costly if you end up taking your computer to a shop or call out a specialist to get things up and running. Quite often there might to a quick and easy fix to your problem or even a bug in the original software (very annoying???).

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A DJ’s job/Diary

I have something for all DJ’s to try this month. Go through your record box/CD wallet and take out all your uplifting and anthemic tunes and leave them at home when you play your next gig. For the first time in your career you will be forced to think about your skill as a DJ, you will have to work hard using the existing tracks left in your record box to lift that crowd. Anyone can throw a string of anthemic tunes together and get a crowd jumping. I could send my mum to HMV and get her to buy everything in the dance section, and then get her to throw them together in a set and get a crowd going. So where’s the skill in that?! Are DJ’s today turning into an age of pre-programmed jukeboxes?!A DJ’s job/Diary

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