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Set times.

Set times once used to be a crafted thing of beauty,  a form of unity created by a group of passionate artists and promoters working closely together in order to produce the perfect musical experience. It was that very musical experience that gained the trust of the attendees and bought them back week after week.
Recently a set time has become a badge of honour, a trophy of status, a show of power, a chest puffed announcement to the world they are performing a headline set. An army of managers now dictate to the promoter when and for how long their act plays to ensure they become the main attraction so that they walk away being ’man of the match’ taking the glory for the evenings entreatment. It’s career building.
It’s a hard pill to swallow for the next generation of DJ’s getting pushed to the side at festivals and big events, they get 60 minutes to play while the big guy gets 3. It’s an even harder pill for the promoter to swallow when the manager won’t listen to his pleas that the set time they are dictating won’t work in his territory. The musical curve is shattered and disjointed throughout the evening. The big guy finishes playing then leaves. So does the rest of the dancefloor. The promoter used to be like a conductor of an orchestra ensuring all the parts of the band flowed, now they’re a school teacher fighting off the spoiled brats parents.
The evening’s programming must have a story, a magical journey. There used to be a gentleman’s agreement while on the stage, the DJ before would bring the energy to the correct level for the next to take over. A discrete conversation would be had once the next act arrived letting them know the tracks you already played and asking what BPM/vibe they would like things to be left for them, instead you’re often faced with a musical situation that’s a long way off where you fit and have to reset things. Yes it effects the vibe on the dance floor.
There is light at the end of this tunnel, there’s a new generation of events and festivals that are gaining traction, again that unity is getting reignited and it’s wonderful to see people like; Boomtown, Bedrock,  Jeff Ryan (Dreamstate), John O’Callaghan (Subculture), Javier Bussola (BAT), Oz (Ozmozis), Solarstone (Pure Trance), Noisily, Luminosity, JOOF Editions,  and more getting hands on personally communicating with the artists to ensure they produce the best shows possible. Passion once again takes prime place.

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Dancing Astronaut Review: John 00 Fleming’s new psy trance album ‘Alter Ego’ sets a precedent for Goa’s modern renaissance.

John 00 Fleming, or JOOF as he’s nicknamed, plays a quiet leadership role from his base in the underground trance scene, using his keen ear and mastery of electronic music production to curate sounds that ripple out to all reaches of trance. Despite a continually changing soundscape, he remains a consistent figurehead of the genre.

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Flux BPM Online Interview John 00 Fleming for his album Alter Ego.

The legend DJ, music producer, label owner, and radio host John 00 Fleming has recently released his third long player called Alter Ego. The album has been welcomed from the electronic music online community and there were positive remarks from fanbase and reviews too. It is fantastic that despite his busy schedule John has found time to reply in our questions and he gave us some interesting glimpse of the backstage process of producing this psy trance masterpiece. Of course the interview attempts to place the album within the past, present and future of John 00 Fleming magnificent career who has left his stamp in the electronic music scene and his legacy will be discussed in the years to come. John has helped many new artists to come forward and find platform in his label and radio show to communicate their music with the wider public.  Press Play on your media player and enjoy Alter Ego while you read his though provoking honest and really truthful answers.

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Congratulations to label boss John 00 Fleming.

We are overwhelmed by the love and  support we have received here at JOOF Recordings. As this week John 00 Fleming’s artist album ‘Alter Ego’ was released on JOOF Mantra, the first Psy album by Label boss. This has received massive support not only from his fellow colleagues DJ’s and producers but from his massive following of fans. It’s reached Number 1 in the main beatport chart and is now also number 1  in the Psy Trance chart. I think we can safely say this is a huge achievement and we are delighted with the response so far.

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John 00 Fleming’s new album ‘Alter Ego’ on JOOF Mantra out today.

John 00 Fleming is a man with whose electronic music career has been equal parts industrious and illustrious. Now spanning two decades or more, he’s been the driving mix-force behind music compilations, now too numerous to count and – for the larger part – a steadfast advocate of ‘the singles school’ of music release.

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The Great Escape

I’m absolutely delighted to be invited by Live Nation and The Great Escape Festival Festival to help give input to their Saturday DIY convention next month in Brighton. This year’s theme they focus on a subject that’s close to my heart and currently the most common question I get asked ‘how to get gigs’? In this day and age with online tutorials and pages full of YouTubehelp, the easy part is actually making the music. Once the songs are written and the performance is honed, the next task for any new artist is building a fan base, and that means going live. The gig or club night is the best place to excite and engage an audience, and can provide the initial fan base around which an artist’s business can then evolve.

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Denver. New York. Toronto. Atlanta.

I’ve got some really exciting gigs coming up in North America over the next couple of weeks.

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John 00 Fleming ‘Alter Ego’ Album

John 00 Fleming is a man with whose electronic music career has been equal parts industrious and illustrious. Now spanning two decades or more, he’s been the driving mix-force behind music compilations, now too numerous to count and – for the larger part – a steadfast advocate of ‘the singles school’ of music release.

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