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John 00 Fleming talks about his new JOOF ventures, his sound and more in EDM Nations exclusive interview

John 00 Fleming has been in this business for over 20 years and ever since he came in the public eye, he has continued to amaze crowds all over the world with his outstanding projects and releases, having gathered support in his early days from the likes of Avalon, Dave Clarke, Sister Bliss and many more amazing artists. But that has not come as a surprise to us, because when you have talent, creativity and you are an original artist, those things are bound to happen. Now, this great producer announces details of an organizational remap for his acclaimed 18-years-&-running label group, “JOOF Recordings”. If you want to find out a lot more details about his new imprint ventures, then make sure to have a look at our exclusive interview below! Enjoy!

17 February 2016 News Read more

JOOF Recordings Adds Two Sub-Labels

English underground trance producer John 00 Fleming has expanded his label JOOF Recordings, adding JOOF Mantra and JOOF Aura into the mix. What separates these subsidiary labels from each other? What does this mean for JOOF Recordings? What is the future of trance? We were given the opportunity to speak with John 00 about such topics, and more:

17 February 2016 News Read more

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