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The Rise of Psy Trance

For the past two weeks there’s been a Psy Trance album sitting at number 1 in Beatport’s all genre chart, comfortably fighting off opposition such acts as John Digweed, Eric Pridz and Toolroom from taking this spot. Only a couple of years ago the thought of this actually happening was just a dream. Mainstream festivals such as EDC, Dreamstate and Tomorrowland are now embracing Psy Trance along with many mainstream Trance DJ’s whom have also caught the bug.
As many of my fans know, there’s two sides to me, Deep and Turbo (mixes on my radio show), the former I’ll alway end up getting into my Psy stride. I’m not stranger to Psy Trance, my Trance roots started when I got introduced to Psy’s ancestral cousin Goa Trance in the early 90’s by Russell Coultart (Floorplay) my former JOOF recordings co founder. Russel owned Transient records this being the home of Astral Projection, Cosmosis, Human Blue and more, so was fortunate to be based in an office surrounded by this wonderful music.
I’ve never taken the full plunge into Psy, though always kept a foot here as it’s a World that’s fully welcomed me with a huge amount of warm friendship and respect. I’ve been fortunate to make tracks with the likes of; Astrix, Astral Projection, Liquid Soul, E-Clip, Lyctum Ovnimoon and Gaudium along with releases on the leading labels of this scene HOMmega, Iboga, Iono and Nano.
The Goa Trance limelight faded in the later part of the 90’s due to various reasons, many labels went bankrupt and others blame over commercialisation moving things well away from its underground spiritual roots. Psy Trance emerged in the early naughties headed by many of the same artists from the Goa world, but musically a much stripped back version void of the melodies focusing on raw psychedelic moments with a fresh dynamic sound. At the same time the regular Trance scene was starting to get too commercial for me and I was struggling to find those dark driving Trance tracks for the ’Turbo’ parts of my sets, but was discovering something very close in this new Psy world. Myself and Christopher Lawrence often talk about these times, because back then Psy Trance was completely misunderstood by the Trance world and even frowned upon by some. But we pursued with it because we believed in it and saw the bigger picture evolving in the Psy world, there are many pieces to this world from laid back Progressive producers all the way to the furious full on sound. Usually people’s first encounter maybe something that doesn’t sit with their musical pallet, they then go and tar the rest of the Psy world the same, take time and explore you’ll discover a magical musical world.
Here we are over a decade later and eventually people are starting to understand it, we certainly backed the right horse. Today I feel the regular Trance world has got to the same point that myself and Christopher experienced, with mainstream Trance being over commercialised, stagnant, predictable and over formulated and explains why many Trance DJ’s have followed the same path (along with a new strain of driving Trance headed by the likes of JOC, John Askew etc). We just want to play and make music that punches the hell out of the dance floor. Fans are enjoying the rewards of this experience heading to a club and festivals and dancing their asses off to a brand new fresh musical experience. It’s created a new breath of fresh air into both scenes thus why we see the massive growth. But we also have to protect what we have, as history shows genres can be fragile and we must also protect this.
In 2003 my Global Trance Grooves radio show was launched with Astrix on the guest mix. Here we are 16 years later with Astrix’s album siting at that number one slot in Beatport and also the reason why I choose him to play on our next JOOF Editions event at KOKO in London on May 29th to embrace this new wonderful Psy sound.

11 March 2016 Blog