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September Global Trance Grooves.

September Global Trance Grooves.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud.
I’m very proud of this months show for multiple reasons, you’ll hear this with my opening words. Also showcasing the new collaborating I made with Solarstone​ and along with having Tim Penner​ on the guest mix. An amazing 2 hours of music. A treat.

New music from:
The Stupid Experts​, Alan Ibanez​, Solarstone & John 00 Fleming​,
Third Party​ & Pete K​ & Cory Lasser​, Eeemus​ Visua​.

Clinique Recordings​, Pure Trance​, Digital Structures​

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13 September 2017 News