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Social media for an unsocial person.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a very private person and always been uncomfortable with social media regardless if it’s for personal life or my career. The last decade this world has changed, take a look around and you’ll see most people with their heads down looking at a screen in their hand, this is the new world that I’m being forced to become a part off and being quite an unsocial hermit of a studio/music geek this has been quite a challenging transition.

I’m fully aware fans want to have an insight into my life as a touring DJ curious of what my world is like and wanting too see the many places that I perform, it’s something that I want to give, but it’s taken me years to figure out how to do this while keeping in my comfort zone. I registered Instagram years ago, but only started posting a few pictures recently, same story with Twitter hence the lack of activity and followers. Facebook I feel more comfortable with as for years I’ve always written blogs and tutorials and this platform suits perfectly for this. Snapchat and such simply doesn’t interest me, I’m already struggling with the aforementioned!

As you would have seen recently, I’m getting more brave and starting to up my game giving you more snaps on Instagram and a few more words on Twitter. I have a load of Blogs, Vlogs and interesting stuff lined up on Facebook for you, so make sure you follow to see these updates.
If there’s anything you want me to Blog about, advice or general nosiness, let me know in the comments below to keep me busy writing on my next flights.

Thanks once again for you support.

12 October 2016 Blog