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The million-dollar question, what is Trance?

What is Trance music? What defines it? Not one person can make the call on this, or become the messiah. We all have our personal views on everything in life, from religion to politics. It will forever be an endless debate. Trance included.I’ve come to realize that when I speak about Trance, I’m presuming most people understand the interpretation of my words. They don’t. As generations go by, things get lost in translation. Myself being an older chap (!), I was lucky enough to witness and be involved with the birth of Trance. 1990 was the height of raves, piercing lead sounds, cartoon samples, big breakdowns and lots of euphoria… then came a fresh new sound. This stripped back hypnotic sound was aimed squarely for a more serious dancefloor. I was instantly hooked and dedicated the next 22 years of my career to this new world of Trance music.

What is Trance personally to me? It’s not a genre. It’s not a word. It’s a feeling. When looking for music, I ignore any form of genre tag attached. I look for hypnotic beats and rhythms. I look for well programmed and arranged sounds that help create this hypnotic feeling.  Hypnotists need the perfect surroundings to enable them to put their patients in a trance like state otherwise it becomes impossible for them to do their jobs. I need these tools too.

I’m looking for producers that have thought hard and carefully how they have built their tracks. I love getting completely lost in a cleverly programmed groove. You begin to hear rhythms inside rhythms. It’s like you’re being taken inside the music in your own personal journey. A clever combination of a good DJ and right choice of musical tools can create those moments where you’ve lost track of time. An altered state. I will use a gear change of energy to snap you out of your trance. It’s only then you realize time has passed and that you have been put in a trance. This is how this style of music and DJing was given its name Trance all those years ago. It was the perfect description.

This is what Trance music is to me personally. It’s my personal journey. I’d love to hear from you and your personal journey into this wonderful world of Trance music….

28 August 2012 Blog