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Unsung Hero’s – lighting Jocks

We’re used to seeing big productions with huge LED walls, pyrotechnics and laser shows performed by an army of production hands on the ground. But lets take a moment to think about the guy who presses those lighting buttons in clubs.  In my eyes a good lighting jock can help make or break a night. A bold statement, but lighting plays a big roll in our lives. We dim the lights at home to create ambience when chilling out. Airlines simulate evening and dawn lighting to help the body clock adjust. It’s used to feed the body in countries with short days in the winter months. Buildings are cleverly lit in the evening making them look fantastic.

A good warm up DJ can open a room gently, keeping the levels down, playing the appropriate music and slowly breaking in the dance floor, a good lighting Jock can use his lights to do the same job. They’ll choose the right colors to give a calming effect as you get into the vibe of the evening unfolding. They’ll be in complete sync with the DJ sensing when the music will change gear. I get a massive buzz when the lighting guy follows my lead, I’ve just hit a crescendo moment, then take a hard dark twist. The lights would have had a massive epic moment with full colors, he’ll then take things into complete darkness adding to the intense vibe the music has taken. Breakdowns come to life when I’m in tandem with the lights, creating intense emotional moments.


These relationships are unplanned, unrehearsed, we’re working in complete sync with each other feeding from the dance floor in front of us. I’m 100% into my flow when this special bond comes to life, and why I’m speaking out supporting these guys. It’s a very special art to be able to follow and predict music they’ve never heard before. They have a natural feeling knowing when the track will build, drop. They’re reading the DJ, the dance floor analyzing every moment and keeping one step ahead. Very talented guys.


So next time you run to the DJ booth at the end of the evening to thank the DJ for his work, take a moment to think about his team player. The wingman that deserves a few words of thanks and handshake for his very important work

4 February 2013 Blog