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I read this interesting article in Thump Magazine about touring DJ’s and can completely relate to it, so though I’d share my personal experience.


Though I don’t drink or party (as per the article) recently I experienced complete exhaustion. I’ve been traveling relentlessly for over 25 years, this lifestyle has become normal for me, but what isn’t normal to the human body is setting off each Friday to travel half way across the world, with hardly any sleep then heading back home on Monday. This leaves a three-day week to pack in being a producer, record label boss, radio show host, DJ and family.

A couple of years ago I felt like I was hitting a brick wall in my life, I found myself in the office staring at a simple email and didn’t have the mental energy to reply to it. I initially thought I’d had some form of extreme hay fever, my head was full of fog, it felt heavy, and my eyes sensitive to light, no matter how many sprays and tablets I tried it wouldn’t remove this. The only answer was sleep, and that’s what happened multiple times while sitting at my desk in the office.

I’ve always been a water sports addict and had that healthy seaside bronzed glow, but look at recent pictures taken with fans and see a gaunt grey tired looking man. That part frightened me and what woke me up to the fact I was pushing my body to the limit. It’s not just physically that drains you, it’s mentally too.

We give big sacrifices to our personal lives leading this career, we have no choice but to travel to where our fans and audiences are, in a regular life most people work Monday – Friday and have weekend off, that’s exactly when I travel to my weekend gigs. My friends have stopped inviting me to BBQ’s, I’ve hardly been to any family weddings or gatherings as they all fall on weekends. It’s a huge sacrifice that can stress you personally, especially seeing all the pictures of these wonderful events can put you in a dark place.

I’m fully aware I’m blessed with a wonderful career and lifestyle, it’s a dream job working with music. Just the other day I was chatting to an Uber driver who recently lost her husband, she’s working three jobs in order to cover her bills and support her daughter, it’s life stories like this that I truly admire and these are the true heroes of this world. I’m letting you know my personal experience of my job as I know it interests you, as it’s a fascinating life.

Though I’m still packed with tour dates, we’re planning more logistically and giving me the odd weekend off now and then. This is also buying more studio time, we saw the results of this recently with my Alter ego album and Altered senses EP. I’m back at the beach again, back in the gym and that healthy glow is back. I’m in a good place right now, apart from still missing those BBQ’s!

26 July 2016 Blog