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You can make dreams happen.

I’m just a normal guy bought up in a sleepy village in Sussex in the UK. No music heritage in the family, no big cities and certainly no club life near by. All I had was a dream.
I went to collage studied automobile engineering. I got multiple jobs to pay my bills. I worked my ass off in order to keep myself financially secure whilst investing into my dream. I bought decks. I bought a keyboard. I bought a sound system. I put together my own gigs.
I turned down a huge job offer at Ford with a company car etc to pursue my dream. I lived in my friends room, barely surviving on part time jobs, because I believed in achieving my dream. My dreams started to become reality, many gigs started to come in and I started to tour around Europe.
I got cancer. I lost everything, including my dream. On my return to health the scene moved on without me, I got forgotten. I had to start again. I got sad and wished it didn’t happen to me. I cried. I remembered my dream. I remembered how it changed my life and made me happy. I once again had that dream.
I sit here living my dream. I turned my life around again. I made that dream come true for a second time. We all have that dream within us, it’s down to you to pursue that.
Go make your dream happen and be happy like me.

3 March 2016 Blog