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Global Trance Grooves April 2018

Global Trance Grooves April 2018

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud.
We resume normal service this month as we continue to look into the musical future. Glorious Deep mix, very special new MP3. Turbo mix is full power with some Psychedelic magic.

We have royalty on the Guest mix from John Graham aka Quivver (John Graham).


–Deep mix—
Basil O’Glue – Nekyia [Forescape Digital]
Black 8 & Arrab – Sandwaves [The Soundgarden]
Slam Duck – Mercury II [Pure Progressive]

–New Mp3–
Gary Delaney – Little Groovy Plucks [JOOF]

Turbo mix
F-Act – Hymn [JOOF]
Allaby – Hiding To Nothing [Nano]
Lyktum – Symmetry [IONO]
Visua – Psilocybin [Kupuri Music]

–Track of the month–
Will Atkinson -Didgeridoo [VII]

New Music From:
Basil O’Glue, Black 8, Arrab, Slam Duck, Gary Delaney, F-Act, Allaby, Lyktum
VisuaPsilocybin, Will Atkinson
Forescape Digital, The Soundgarden, Pure Progressive , JOOF Recordings, NANO RECORDS, Iono-Music, Kupuri Music, VII

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