JOOF Sessions Facebook live mix, every Friday.

Our first JOOF Sessions live stream was mind blowing, bringing together the worlds JOOF fans in the same room for the first time ever with many familiar faces hanging out, discussing music and much more was welcome therapy and distraction from what’s happening around the world at the moment. It was much needed for me too and why I want to continue to bring us all together each and every week while we go through this as one big JOOF family.

Make a date each and every Friday 21:00 – 23:00 GMT each and every Friday.

*** Note ***

At these uncertain times the first thing you take care of is your family and I’m no different. I also need to take care of my JOOF office family, with no income from my touring and with uncertainty as to how long this will last the team underneath me all get effected.
Many have family and children to support, I should be able to ride this out OK, but I need to think of my team and ways to support them.

Many of you have very kindly sent me personal messages of support and wanting to send donations in return for live broadcasted sets, live Q&A’s (basically lots of content to keep you entertained during these days of lockdown). As there’s no ticket price I will use these funds to keep my JOOF office team afloat. I’ll add a donate button to all the content I post and all the proceeds will be distributed amongst the JOOF office.

Please know that you don’t need to give anything at all, as i know it’s hard times for many out there. This is simply for the fans that have been asking, so don’t feel pressure.

The main thing is that we are all in this together and I want to support you in anyway that I can to keep you entertained.

You can donate here: