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October’s Global Trance Grooves with Eeemus.

Global Trance Grooves ready for stream & download from iTunes, Google music, main website and Soundcloud.
Very special show this month, The Deep mix embraces all the emotional reasons why I fell in love with the birth of Trance in the 90’s, being propelled into the future with futuristic sounds.
Blessed with some awesome music that supplied the Turbo mix, and I’m extremely proud to have Eeemus​ from Australia on the guest mix.
You’ll also get a preview of my new single.

New music from:
Dmitry Molosh​, Framewerk​, Fausto Fanizza​ , Thomas Schwartz​, Pyramid​, Jay Hubbard​, Jeremy Rowlett (Official)​, Gordey Tsukanov​, The Digital Blonde​, Airwave​.

Afterglow records , Armada Electronic Elements​, Digital Structures​, JOOF Recordings​, Bonzai Music​ , Lowering The Tone​, Abstract Space Records​.

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11 October 2017 News