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EPISODE 121 – 3 GTG 10 year anniversary – Dave Seaman

EPISODE 121 – 3 GTG 10 year anniversary – Dave Seaman

John 00 Fleming

John 00 Fleming’s Global Trance Grooves was one of the first radio shows to embrace the new digital World allowing his radio show to be lifted of territorial restrictions and broadcast all corners of the world. Concentrating on quality over quantity has been the key to the success of having over 3 million subscribers that have been built over it’s history.

This month we proudly celebrate 10-years of Global Trance Grooves being on the digital airwaves. John has thoughtfully programmed ten of his favourite producers to broadcast a 12-Hour birthday special that will be hosted by our partners DI.FM
This will be a musical experience with many flavours that will talked about for years to come.

Global Trance Grooves 10 year anniversary 12-hour broadcast.