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–Deep mix—
Matt Lange ‘Falling into place’
John 00 Fleming & Rick Pier O’Neil ‘The devils punch bowl’
Rich Curtis & Dark Soul Project ‘Synesthesia’ (Gai Barone remix)
Armystrial ‘Fire’ (Eric Sneo remix)

–New Mp3–
Daniel Lesdan ‘Life Simulation’

–Turbo mix—
Amygdala ‘Souring flux’
1200 Micorgrams ‘Shivas India (Outsiders remix)
Gaudium ‘Tornado’
Gaudium ‘Wrong theory’

–Track of the month–
Astrix ‘High on Mel’

–Guest mix:—
Christopher Lawrence (USA)

Christopher Lawrence – The Whip  – Pharmacy – Unreleased
Bamboo Forest – Bandwidth – Phoenix Groove Records
Burn in Noise – Beyond Known Space – Alchemy
Dissy vs R E L – Must Tool – Kaos Krew
Simon Patterson – Whites of Her Eyes – Perfecto
Sonic Species – Zero (Outsiders Remix) – Tip
Rishi – The One That Got Away – Ovnimoon Records
Makida – Body & Mind – Expo Records
Breathead – Bang – Tarkus
X Noize – Good Old Days (Jeremy remix) – Nutek
Hypnoise – Beyond Thoughts – Antu Records
Mindfold – Antiamphetamin (Sonic Species remix) – 24 7 Austria