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After the last couple of shows we may have to rename things Global Tech Grooves! A nod back to history repeating itself Trance being born off the back of Techno, Trance being Techno’s psychedelic melodic cousin. There’s plenty of those melodic moments, and Airwave​ takes to the turntables to create a gorgeous Trancy guest mix.

New music from:
Rick Pier O Neil Aka RPO​, Manu Riga​, Mandy Jones​, Feri​, DJ James Monro​, Spektre​, Luca Gaeta​, Lane 8​ & Kidnap kid​,
Luttrell​, Aquya​, Ico/ You Are My Salvation​, Union Jack​, Jonno Brien​ , Mark EG​, Nico Kohler​, kreisel​,
Drzneday​, Clint Stewart​, Steve Birch – Merlins Apprentice​.

Bonzai Music​, Platipus Records​, Massive Harmony Records​, Tronic Music​, Anjunadeep​, Forescape Digital​, Platipus Records, Ying Yang, Terminal M Records​.

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