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A very special edition of Global Trance Grooves this month, something we’ve never done before. My 5-hour JOOF Editions Vol 4 mix compilation was only released yesterday, rather than saturate you in the same esq. music, I decided to take a look back musically. We’ve been talking a lot about the history of Progressive Trance and Progressive Psy, so I picked my favourite none obvious stand out tracks from 10/20 years ago to create nostalgic Deep and Turbo mixes. You’ve read the words in my blogs, now you can hear the music. All tracks in Deep mix were released as Trance in their day, and Turbo mix tracks released as Psy Trance, its fascinating how the meanings of genres have progressed.

While I reminisced and had a wonderful trip down memory lane, Paul Thomas keeps GTG on track looking into the musical future on the Guest mix.

–Deep mix—
Incolumis – One with sanctuary [JOOF Recordings]
Ecano – Run – Z2 Remix [Avantgaurd]
Perry O’Neil – Numb [Superstition]
Narel -Run – (Planisphere Remix) [Green martian]
James Holden – Solstice [Silver Planet]

Turbo mix
Anton Chernikov – Kergudu [JOOF Recordings]
Son kite- Let us be [Digital structures]
Vibrasphere – In control [Tribal vision records]
Oliver Prime – Radiance [JOOF Recordings]
Human Blue – Therpsichore [Transient]

Guest mix
Paul Thomas (UK)