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Beyond the Limit (2013 Remixes)

Beyond the Limit (2013 Remixes)

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2013-07-15

Catalog number: 888002739889

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Beyond the Limit (Ital Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Ital
Beyond the Limit (CJ Art Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, CJ Art
Beyond the Limit (Alt-A Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Alt-A
Beyond the Limit (Jonathan Allyn Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Jonathan Allyn
Beyond the Limit (Diego Morrill Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Diego Morrill

Fleming & Lawrence have a lifelong passion and dedication to underground trance. From the world?s biggest festivals Dance Valley, EDC and Global Gathering to the darkest afterhours, the duos powerful sets and commitment to quality music have made them legends in the dance world.

Pharmacy Music?s first single was a collaboration by John 00 Fleming and Christopher Lawrence titled ?Beyond the Limit?. The single remains one of the biggest releases on the label to date.

Fast forward to 2013 and Fleming & Lawrence are launching a series of new ?Beyond the Limit? remixes featuring some of their favorite producers. The duo also gave new producers an opportunity with a remix contest that generated seven winners.

In this second installment of Beyond the Limit (2013), we have remixes from Ital, CJ Art and Jonathan Allyn, plus remix contest winners ALT-A and Diego Morrill.