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Beyond the Limit (2013 Remixes)

Beyond the Limit (2013 Remixes)

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2013-10-21

Catalog number: 888003488472

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Beyond the Limit (Allen & Envy Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Steve Allen, Scott Envy
Beyond the Limit (Renato Dinis Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Renato Dinis
Beyond the Limit (Grains of Sound)
Fleming & Lawrence, Grains Of Sound
Beyond the Limit (Gabrielle Ag Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, Gabrielle Ag
Beyond the Limit (J Noriega Remix)
Fleming & Lawrence, J Noriega

In the third and final installment of Beyond the Limit remixes this year, we present Allen & Envy, Renato Dinis and Grains of Sound, along with remix contest winners Gabrielle Ag and J Noriega.

First up, power trance DJ/Producers Allen & Envy have done it again, turning in a beast of a remix. This one is going to be destroying dance floors around the world with it?s main room, peak time full on tech trance sound.

Pharmacy?s fast rising talent Renato Dinis brings it to the table with a breakbeat break down and a fantastic vocal sample that makes the track stand out.

Grains of Sound give the remix their signature progressive psy trance polish. The use of a subtle piano melody is a clever addition.

Remix contest winner Gabrielle Ag attracted our attention with his remix because he gave it an interesting twist. He kept the melody but made it less in your face making the track feel darker. He also gave the track a dark, dramatic breakdown with haunting melodies and a subtle female vocal.

J Noriega?s remix also stood out among the other contest entrants because he took a tech trance approach then blew us away with his breakdown that took the track to a whole new level with a cinematic breakdown.

A great wrap up to what’s proven to be a fantastic series of reworks in 2013!