The Darker Side Of The Dancefloor

Quite often when theres been an overwhelming amount of music thats been released from one artist, the best bits get missed. Weve had far too many requests from A-list DJs asking for some of Johns tracks so we decided to put all the best bits in one place for you to all in this fantastic album.

John 00 Fleming is an artist who has achieved international success in a career spanning over 20 years without dishonouring his musical essence or fans. With over 10 million album sales and 30 produced mix compilations, Johns a proven musical pioneer whose essence lies in what his fans call, ethe J00F sound. The J00F sound is as unpretentious as the artist, and is best described as deep and textured progressively edged trance, in an electronic dance music style that is an antithesis to what is normally produced within the genre.